July 21st, 2014

clip from The Dawn Patrol (1930), Howard Hawks’ first sound film

full movie of Howard Hawks’ The Criminal Code

Scarface (1932) trailer

July 20th, 2014

clip from Howard Hawks’ third silent film, Paid To Love (1927) featuring William Powell

George O’Brien and Olive Borden in a clip from Fig Leaves (1926), Howard Hawks’ second film, but the oldest to survive.

the surviving parts to Howard Hawks’ silent film The Cradle Snatchers (1927),  watch it before 20th Century Fox takes it down.

A Girl in Every Port (1928)  full movie with english and spanish subtitles

watch it before it gets taken down.  It’s Hawks’ best silent film. 

July 19th, 2014

Jean Arthur and Cary Grant in Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

(Source: bellecs, via brandsen)

I’m a storyteller – that’s the chief function of a director. And they’re moving pictures, let’s make ‘em move!
Howard Hawks (via woodstockfilmfestival)


Fig Leaves (1926, Howard Hawks)